Making a will

Talking about death can be an uncomfortable topic and make a lot of people shift in their chairs. It is an inevitable part of life, though, and something we encourage people to plan for early by making a Will. Our experienced Private Client solicitors can work with you to legally protect your last wishes as well as your assets for future generations.

Making a Will is not something to be put off until your golden years. We all have people and causes who could be impacted by our passing, which is why forward planning at the start of and throughout our adult lives is key. In your Will, you can capture final wishes, organ donation references, guardianship for any minors in your care, who you might like to inherit any property or assets you own, or indeed any charities you might like to leave assets to, who you’d like to gift sentimental and priceless objects to from your estate, it can aid in inheritance and tax planning, and it allows you to appoint an executor for your estate.

Without a Will in place the government’s Rules of Intestacy will apply, which may not be an appropriate way to deal with your estate, may see loved ones left out of the estate, will impose inheritance limits, and can increase the risks of estate claims from those you might not be close to. If you have any shares in a business, allowing the division of your estate to be left to the Intestacy Rules could cause real headaches for any surviving business partners.

If you would like to put a Will in place to protect your interests and those of your loved ones, contact our team about drafting a Will today on 01491 411 884.

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