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If you think back on all the significant moments of your life, you may come to discover that each was met with careful planning. Big holidays, buying a house, moving in with your partner or perhaps having a child; nothing was invested without first considering the overarching impact on you and anyone else involved. So why wouldn’t you put that same amount of consideration into end of life planning? Lawrence Hamblin Solicitors help individuals and couples plan for what will inevitably have a huge impact on loved ones.

We each have an opportunity to leave a legacy that is testament to a life well lived. We may have items of significant value that we’d like particular family members, friends or charities close to our hearts to inherit, or items of sentimental value that we’d like to see gifted and cherished after we’re gone. Putting these wishes into a Will is the only way to legally protect them. There are very practical considerations to include too if there’s a risk of leaving behind any minors or pets. This is why our Will and probate solicitors always encourage early planning. Careful tax and inheritance planning early on in life can have real benefits later on.

Our understanding team are also there to support those going through the probate process – whether its support for an executor you’ve appointed, or you’re an executor yourself. An executor of an estate should be someone trustworthy and who has the fortitude to deal with the pressures of the role. It is the executor’s duty to ensure the wishes set out in the Last Will and Testament are carried out, which can be an emotionally taxing duty for someone experiencing grief. We are there to help guide executors through the process or can take on the duty directly.

Our Private Client team in Henley are able to support with:

  • Estate administration
  • Power of Attorney
  • Making a Will
  • Inheritance and tax planning

For trusted advice and tailored planning, speak to one of our Will and probate specialists. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs and will give clear advice so you can make a decision that’s right for you. Contact us on 01491 411 884.

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