Contract Disputes

If you have agreed a contract with another person or business, and they do not fulfil their obligations of that contract, it can cause a huge headache. Our dispute resolution solicitors in Henley will work fast to achieve the desired outcome, whether that is having the contact rescinded, redrafting the contract to better express parties’ intentions, enforcing the contract, or seeking restitution or damages for breach of contract.

There are a number of remedies available for contract disputes, and the issues at the heart of the contract may cross into other specialist areas. As a mutli-disciplinary law firm, we can advise on the most appropriate path forward that will best serve your interests. We focus on timely and cost-effective solutions that won’t leave you out of pocket, and will take the time to explain any fine print of your existing contract to you.

The number of situations in which we may have a contract in place is wide and varied, ranging from purposefully drafted contracts between individuals to verbal agreements. Where a contract can be established, all parties to that contract have clear duties and obligations that must be fulfilled. Unfortunately, contracts are not always honoured or, if they are, there may be a disagreement about the quality of the product or service delivered.

Whether you’ve entered into a financially substantial contract or you have a smaller consumer contract that you’d like to query, our contract dispute solicitors can help. Contact our team in Henley today on 01491 411 884.

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