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Disputes are a natural part of life and more often than not you’re able to work out a solution on your own terms. It is when disputes drag, begin to turn nasty or come to a standstill because of a roadblock that having professional guidance can greatly aid a swift resolution. Disputes have a way of permeating other aspects of life and so the faster an issue can be quarantined and dealt with, the better.

The team at Lawrence Hamblin Solicitors provide practical dispute resolution advice and support for any contract disputes. Contract disputes can arise due to a number of issues, perhaps because a party hasn’t delivered a product or service on time, to a satisfactory level, or at all. We also provide guidance when a contract has been unlawfully terminated or if you would like to make an early termination.  We’ll help to identify the obligations of both parties and the steps to take to resolve the issue. We also provide specialist legal advice for those looking to take action against a professional advisor for professional negligence.

We’ll always try to settle a matter outside of court where possible to help reduce costs in a matter that may have already left you out of pocket. Well-formed agreements between parties usually include dispute resolution clauses. If this is the case, we can help to ensure compliance on your part so that burdensome processes don’t impair any resolution. We’ll try negotiation techniques that take into account the strength of your argument.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in Henley focus on repairing contractual relationships, enforcing contracts or rescinding them, reforming contracts if needed to ensure any inequities are corrected, and will seek financial damages where appropriate. For a Free Initial Assessment on where you stand and how we can help, contact our professional team in Henley on 01491 411 884.

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