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If you have business, you will often have a commercial property upon which that business relies to trade. It may be a café, shop, pub, office or warehouse – whatever it is, it needs to be cared for. Lawrence Hamblin can advise on buying/selling, leases, the law and litigation so you can carry on doing business.

Buying, selling, or leasing a commercial property is different to a residential one. Issues that arise are unlikely to be the same as those for a house purchase or sale transaction. We have specialist lawyers, lawyers that understand commercial property matters. What remains unchanged is the need to conduct the correct searches, negotiate contracts and resolve issues.

Lawrence Hamblin helps businesses like you. We take complex commercial property matters and make them simple as simple as can be. We use plain English, not legal jargon. Likely timescales, costs and outcomes are explained at the start, and we keep in regular contact throughout. And any questions you have, we make sure we deal with them promptly.

So, whether you are relocating your business, renewing a lease or buying / leasing a commercial property for the first time, call us on 01491 411884 to find out what your options are before planning your next steps.

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